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The main reason why diets don't work

There's a good reason why diets don't work. There I said it. Yes, I know at the VERY beginning of the year where nearly everyone has resolutions of losing weight. Unless you live in Louisiana, then you are waiting until after Mardi Gras!

It's not because you aren't working hard. Because, you most definitely are! It's because diets are not meant to work long-term. Leading you to "failing", which keeps you in a vicious shame building cycle of going back again and again. People often ask, what I think of "xyz" diet or this or that. I tell them, if you can make it a lifestyle and not shame yourself there then go for it.

When it comes to diets, they become so hard to maintain because they are filled with food rules to follow, specific foods you can and can't eat, and usually they don't fit in with your lifestyle. This keeps us stuck, frustrated, envious, and overwhelmed. I don't know about you, but this is not the way to live happy.

I hear from clients who have tried numerous diets (me included!), that they are tired of constantly going back to what the next best thing is in order to reach where they want to be. Clients wanting to make their healthy habits a lifestyle in order to stop the cycle.

So, I want to share with you 4 key elements you need to break FREE from dieting and feel confident, calm, and in control of food. Each of these elements are missing from diets you've tried, so in honor of the New Year, let's renew our idea of eating for your health. I want you to get your power and balance back with the way you nourish your body. I want you to feel empowered around food. I want you to live your life where food is NOT consuming your thoughts, not overwhelming, or stressful.

4 Ways To Break Free From Dieting:

  1. Ditch the word diet and all the phrases that go along with the diet mindset. "It's a cheat day", "I can't have that", "I'm going to be good today", "This cookie terrible for me".

  2. Learn to eat intuitively and become mindful of your thoughts and emotions when you grab food. Are you eating out of habit? Out of stress? Loneliness? To feel in control?

  3. Eat to nourish your body. Eat for enjoyment, connection, and celebration. Want a slice of that birthday cake for your 4 year old's birthday party? Enjoy it. Enjoy every single bite. Along with eating for your health. Meaning, don't forget to nourish yourself in ways that keep you energized, balanced, and not ravished comes dinner time.

  4. Find love for yourself. There is nothing wrong with including yourself on the list of people you love. You are a person too. One who is deserving and worthy of love, no matter what your guilt or shame says about you. Practice this love daily and watch it grow!

Take one step that sticks out to you and try it. Don't overwhelm yourself trying to do it all. If you want the support and encouragement along the way, I am here for you. A judgement free zone and a good listening ear.

Check out my website for more info on how to work with me! You can also find me on Facebook for more healthy tips.

As an Integrative Nutritionist, I LOVE sharing healthy tips in order to encourage others on how to live a fulfilled and energetic life through nutrition and mind + body balance. Thank YOU for stopping by!



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