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Life Lessons: 55 Things I've Learned From Asking For Help

Some may cringe at the idea of asking for help and some value the act tremendously. I know I used to be that person that would cringe. Ask for help? Who me? I can do that on my own. Or maybe I'm too embarrassed because only "weak" people ask for help. Or that person already has enough on their plate, I can't bother them.

Fast forward two years later since my last blog post, I write to you these words from what Brene Brown once said, "as a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring good-enoughest".

I write this with the hopes of not only reaching someone somewhere who may need to know they are not alone and should never do life alone, no matter how much you think you can do on your own, but to explain the importance of how much success comes through support. Yes, I am a coach and teacher who loves encouraging others to live a life of joy and fulfillment, but I became this way because I chose to be the helper rather than to get bitter and burnt out about my life.

It's okay to reach out when you need it. It's okay to be vulnerable. You are human not a robot. The world needs you. You need you. Your family, friends, kids, coworkers need you. Humans are built for connection. Sadly, too many of us go through life alone. Whether it be from past trauma, shame, guilt, abandonment, rejection, etc. We fear we are the only ones suffering.


So, I am here to share with you some of the things I have learned along my crazy journey of life from what I call my supportive tribe over the years of: close friends, strangers, support groups, therapists, energy healers, sponsors, mentors, and last, but certainly not least--God. My hopes for you are to realize that you matter. You are worthy. You are capable of anything. Take what you like and leave the rest.

55 Things I've Learned Asking For Help:

  1. a thought is not a fact

  2. our thoughts control our behaviors

  3. you are not weak because you ask for help

  4. communication is EVERYTHING

  5. you don't have to live in your pain

  6. there is a difference between being productive and being busy

  7. being dis-attached keeps you from loving yourself AND others

  8. anger doesn't have to be the first reaction

  9. stop trying to be so busy/distracted all of the time, you'll miss the moments you are meant to cherish

  10. when having a low season in life, focus on the next right thing/each step rather than the whole staircase

  11. your outlets either help you or distract you from what you should be acknowledging/healing

  12. you didn't build these habits overnight, they won't go away overnight

  13. a trigger is a sign you need healing in this area

  14. you are not responsible for other's feelings or anyone's troubles

  15. you can't fix others

  16. it's okay to be loved

  17. if you want to grow- you have to learn to sit through the discomfort

  18. don't put yourself on the backburner. YOU matter too

  19. you can't please everyone

  20. you can have your own opinion

  21. not everyone will like you no matter what you do for them


  23. slow down

  24. nourish the good in your life- what you already have while building the life you love

  25. don't believe every thought

  26. your parents are people too--doing/did the best they could with the tools they had

  27. forgiving doesn't mean the hurt/action is okay. forgiving is about freeing yourself from the pain

  28. not everyone has to know everything about you

  29. you are in charge of your 4 walls

  30. you don't have to be 5 years old to enjoy dancing in the rain

  31. there's no checklist for grief. you have to learn to build new experiences around it

  32. you're a great friend

  33. breathing is the simplest form of getting in tune with your body

  34. affirmations work

  35. it's okay to still love the things you enjoyed before you had kids

  36. do what is right for your family. not everyone has to agree with it

  37. it's okay to start new traditions

  38. it's okay to break generational patterns

  39. you have choices

  40. everything is figureoutable

  41. everyone is trying the best they can

  42. there is no such thing as perfection

  43. forgive yourself for not knowing then what you know now

  44. taking care of you is caring for those around you

  45. you don't need love from everyone else to love yourself

  46. FIND time for the ones you love

  47. acknowledge how you are feeling- it will give less power over you

  48. you are loved AND worthy

  49. people cannot read your mind

  50. it's okay to have bad days. it doesn't make you a bad person or not good enough

  51. own your mistakes. own you don't know something

  52. embrace spontaneity

  53. comparison is the thief of joy

  54. be yourself. the right people will STILL love you

  55. don't rub your eye after cutting a jalapeño. just kidding, I learned that on my own. but in any case, you can still ask for help when that happens! :)

There's never an end to your journey of health and wellness. Keep learning, keep asking, keep living your purpose. If you don't know what any of that looks like--I am here for you.

About Alexa

As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and Nutrition Educator, I LOVE sharing healthy tips in order to encourage others on how to live a fulfilled and energetic life through nutrition and mind + body balance. Thank YOU for stopping by!



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