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Is Setting New Month Intentions Worth Your Time?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Setting intentions each month allows us to live with purpose. It allows us to live our lives more meaningful and mindful.

September is here! What are you willing to do to improve your life?

For me, I find that setting small, attainable goals to help me maintain my path to health keeps me focused. It's easy to get caught up in what isn't going right rather than focusing on what is going right. Having a guideline that I can see daily is so helpful! Some days I need it clear as day as a helpful reminder to put me back on track. To get off that toxic roller coaster or road in which I allowed myself to live for so long. While other days I can smile and know that I am on the right road.

It's okay to not follow every single one of them and to not accomplish them.

The LAST thing we want to do to ourselves is minimize the process and get hard on ourselves. WHAT IS THE POINT! The purpose of intentions are solely because they are INTENTIONS! Not must-do's, not a to do-list, not a chore, but simply a guide or vision source in which helps guide us to where we want to go. I surely don't follow each one daily nor do I complete every single one of them once the month is over only to think how I am a huge failure for not doing any of it. Stop right there ma'am! Intentions are reminders. Simply reminders. It is our CHOICE to follow them or not. They are our visual accountability for where we see ourselves in a year, five years, or even ten. Believe me when I say this, it does not, I repeat does not take one month to get to the most optimal version of myself. It takes strength, courage, vulnerability, time, and care (for ourselves) to get to a place of change. It also does not take me doing it all alone. I surely did not end up this way overnight.

Thankfully, in the last 2 or so years I can comfortably say that I am not where I was then nor do I want to be back to that person. But you know what? It took a lot of work and commitment to myself to get here. Lots of falling and getting back up. I. Am.So.Thankful. for every single moment good or bad.

So I am sharing to y'all, my tribe, what works for me. Take what you want and leave the rest. And always, always remember progress not perfection! Coming from a recovering perfectionist, there is no such thing. Small steps, baby steps, small goals, small intentions, small fries (hey, whatever it takes!) are what we need to get to that optimal version of ourselves that we envision for ourselves in our future.

For right now, we can work on what we can do right now.

What are we in control of?

Where do we see ourselves or How do we want to see ourselves?

What do you think of when you see a happy, healthy version of yourself? Now put in the work to get there!

What are your intentions? Post your response below!

Love y'all! xoxo

My intentions for September! I usually pick a place where I can see this visual easily, which for me is my bathroom mirror! :)

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