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Branch Out of Loneliness

When individuals have a support system, they are more likely to accomplish greater things in which their lives are intended for.

We are made to thrive.

Support systems are crucial when it comes to our health. Some people may not think of relationships or support as an aspect of health, but it is. Having a community and feeling of support that comes from those around us allows us to live our most optimal versions of ourselves. We don't have to feel alone, stressed, or judged.

Unfortunately, most people do.

Reaching out for support or for help can be intimidating for most. This means breaking out of what has been comfortable--isolation. It means letting go of fear and branching out of loneliness. It can also mean letting go of our ego and letting down walls we've built around ourselves. Being more vulnerable. Showing emotions we are not used to feeling or not used to allowing others to see. When we are lonely, the fears and anxieties grow within us. These behaviors can tend to lead to coping mechanisms that then lead to a downward spiral of unhealthy habits. For some this could look like overeating, overspending, or over partying.

For me, it was all of those things.

Unhealthy habits are what they are. Sitting in isolation and putting on a face of what appeared great from the outside, when really deep down I was a mess. Debilitating anxiety that eventually led to crazy doses of anti-depressants and anti-anxietal medications in which I later became thankful for. Thankful for the fact that they got me to this place of healing. What I was once against, I welcomed because I was tired. This was my step towards finding my own tribe. My support. My own community that I can now fully trust and turn to when I have my good moments and bad. Not to mention, hold me accountable.

And what I want you to experience too.

Having community to support your health journey is so powerful. The right community that can help guide you to sustain lifestyle and behavioral changes that are crucial for long-term health and happiness. Dr. Mark Hyman said, "The connection with others is beyond necessary for health, just like food, water, air, sleep, or movement". If that doesn't explain the importance, I don't know what does.

Let's breakout of this fear of judgment zone when it comes to finding a tribe. Or if you already have one, find ways in your relationships in which you can help others from feeling isolated (they will later thank you for it). People need to feel loved. People need to feel valued. People need to feel as if they aren't alone. People need a hug or simple act of kindness. We have all been through ups and downs in our own lives. We have experienced similar feelings with different situations.

By taking a few simple steps to create connections and build community, we can grow a healthy community. Some ideas that are worth trying: inviting friends and family over for a meal, work-out with someone, join a class, volunteer, and get involved in things that help your community. When we prioritize ourselves by allowing our relationships to thrive, we thrive, and then everything else around us falls into a better place.

Now go find you some good, loving people out there! They are all around you, I promise.

Join my meetup group Nourish to stay updated on upcoming events for those of you looking to extend your tribe or need one. You can also check out my website to see how you can work with me!

Thank you for existing my friends!



Wife//Mom//Nutrition Educator//Holistic Health Coach

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