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"My experience with Alexa was great. She walked me through every step on what foods make me feel good, how much to eat, and how often. She also described in detail about snacks in between meals, which was a big thing for me. I would highly recommend using Alexa to achieve any of your fitness, health, or overall well-being goals.


"Alexa is such a positive, motivating coach. She truly has passion for her work and you can see it when you speak with her. Starting this program was super scary for me, but SO needed. She helps you break down your goals and gives you the steps you need to get there, cheering you along every step of the way. I now have the tools I need to set goals, make a commitment to myself, and be gentle when things change. The most significant change I've notice within myself is my attitude and positivity, which ripples into my whole life. It was so nice to have someone point out what I was accomplishing when I wasn't realizing it. I'd recommend Alexa to anyone who wants to make a change - health changes, financial changes, or changes within yourself or your family. She does so much more than just teach you about food. She really helped me examine all the areas of my life so I could get to where I want to be - which is invaluable! Highly recommend!"


"My husband and I did the grocery tour with Alexa ay Rouse’s. It was a very eye-opening experience. Alexa took us through each section of the grocery reviewing the positives and negatives of foods we normally buy and suggesting foods that would be beneficial for our personal health issues. She helped us pick out healthy ingredients for yummy recipes she provided and pointed out things to look for on the food labels. Alexa is very patient, kind, and encouraging which added to this very worthwhile experience! Thank you Alexa!"


"Alexa was willing to hold me accountable for my wants within my sessions. She reminded me how this is my choice and that really resonated with me. Alexa is simply a great motivator and is caring, which made for a great experience! She is a person who can walk you through your own thoughts and make you feel at ease. She listens and worked with me to devise the best plan moving forward. One thing I can say is trust the process. It doesn't happen over night. Alexa made it easy for me to get to the point of getting better sleep, working out more, and saving money to cook at home."


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